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A weird fact about Hugh

I learned today that there are only 9 movies featuring talking animals alongside actors that have made over $100 million at the box office, and Hugh is in 3 of them: 101 Dalmatians (1996), Stuart Little (1999), and Hop (2011). Just kinda cool. I like when he has success.
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Canada Day, Mister Pip & criticism

Canada Day
Friday was Canada Day - my nation's birthday - so I'm slightly exhausted today after two days of parties, etc. I spent Friday strawberry picking in the morning (it's a tradition because it's when the strawberries are really, really good to be picked), went on an exhausting hike in the afternoon (all uphill), then an evening BBQ with friends and a hike down to the fairgrounds where there was a Bee Gee tribute group playing (they were awesome) until the fireworks display. The fireworks were amazing. A really, really good show. It was a fun day all around.

Saturday, I was up early to go to the Farmers' Market. It's the best place for fresh vegetables and meat, and then some neighbours of ours held a small neighbourhood garden party in the afternoon, so we went to that. More BBQ food, and of course, liquor (beer, wine & coolers). The food was unbelievable. All kinds of salads and cold things prior to the BBQ, and a home-made strawberry shortcake afterward, with tea & coffee. All home-prepared, and what a job she did too. Later, around supper time, we headed to the beach & frolicked there for 4 hours before coming home around 9 p.m., and just beating a wonderful summer thunderstorm. Wonderful because it was very, very humid here yesterday, so I was glad for the storm.

Today, I have some laundry and a bit of cleaning to do, but otherwise all I'm doing today is relaxing before Monday hits. Speaking of which, a happy 4th of July to all my American friends!

Will & Kate

Oh, yeah, Prince William is here with his new bride, so the Canadian news is just going ga-ga over the fact that they made Canada their first official visit abroad, and came for Canada Day too. They were in Ottawa on Friday, which is a great place to celebrate Canada Day. Most Canadians don't seem to remember that we even have a monarchy until one of them shows up. They are purely decorative.

Mister Pip
I finally got around to reading this book, and I enjoyed it. It was not at all what I expected. It's pretty easy reading, although the story is a tragic one. I've been meaning to read it for a while now. In fact, I bought it last year, but simply hadn't gotten around to reading it. That happens with me a lot. I buy a book and then take forever to read it because I'm reading other things. When it was announced that Hugh Laurie was actually going to star in a movie based on the book, I prioritized it. Hugh is perfect for the part of Mr. Watts. Perfect.

I'm interested to see how they produce this movie since there is a lot of exposition in it. The main character is actually a girl/woman named Matilda, and it is her story, although Mr. Watts becomes an inspiration to her life, as does the book Great Expectations and its main character, Pip.  I'm glad they are filming in Bougainville, of Papua New Guinea, since I now want to see the scenery that is described in Mister Pip.

Modern Criticism

When it was announced that Hugh was going to star in Mister Pip, I hadn't read the book yet. It was sitting on my book shelf waiting to be read. Somewhat naively I thought that people who criticized the announcement of the movie, and by-and-large the book itself, had also read Mister Pip. The criticism from what most would consider legitimate sources, such as EW was "we don't really need another white man saves black kids" story. The book and movie was written off as simply another white teacher saving a bunch of black kids in a few places on the web.

It is only after reading the book that it dawned on me that the people who made these criticisms had NOT read Mister Pip. There is no way you can read Mister Pip and draw the conclusion that they did. This is not a Hollywood story with a Hollywood ending. The story is set amidst a war, and Mr. Watt's intervention in his students' lives has unexpected and tragic circumstances. He is also not a teacher in a conventional sense. His education is more about personal inspiration and imagination than academics. Since he is not a professional teacher, he only teaches them from one thing: Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens. It also isn't his story. It's Matilda's. Everything is told from her perspective.

What surprises me though is the absolute gall of these web-based publications who criticized the book or the movie in complete ignorance. They didn't read the book, and yet still felt worthy of criticizing it as experts. Many of these sites have massive audiences too, so they are dictating this ridiculous stupidity to a large audience. 

The attitude I find in criticism today is also pathetic. Negative reviews are often written with a sneer as if the critic could do better, but what really amazes me are people who are actually able to criticize without having read the book, saw the movie, or listened to an album. The artist themselves or an idea rather than what the artist has created and produced has become the main subject of criticism.

We don't like somebody, so naturally everything they do sucks whether we saw, listened or read what they produced. When did having to like someone become an arbiter of their talent? Many of the most gifted people the world has ever produced are completely unlikeable.

We don't like an idea - for whatever reason - so anything produced from that idea is terrible, dated, and unimaginative, without any recourse to interpretation, imagination and creativity.

None of this surprises me, really; however I was hoping for better from publications that actually provide criticism as a function of their usefulness.

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Hugh's the cake!

Okay this is tooooo funny. Apparently, The National Enquirer has a little story about Hugh baking a cake for his House co-stars. I don't read that rag but the story seems to be streaming out onto the internet. It is ROFLMAO funny. Here's the story from ripoff site showbiz spy:

HUGH Laurie is no master baker!

The actor thrilled his House costars when he made them a cake — but they were all left rather unimpressed when they tasted it.

The cake was covered in almond paste which was badly applied, and seemed sunken and hard, according to American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Everyone was like, ‘Oh, that’s so adorable… Look, he made it himself,’” a source explained.

“Hey, I know it looks and tastes like c**p,” Laurie reportedly said. “But it’s the thought that counts!”

Poor Hugh! Seriously, who snitched that one out? His problem here was he should have made a much bigger cake, stripped naked, got inside and then surprised his co-stars. Trust me, no one would've given a damn about the cake!!

OTOH, TNE also would have had a much more compelling story. lol

And, yes, it is the thought that counts! Love him to pieces.
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WOW! Way to go DOC!!!

You're welcome Philadelphia.

A NO-FUCKING-HITTER by Roy Halladay. And, one walk. One walk away from a perfect game. Shit! What a post-season debut! It's only the second no hitter in post-season history. You're amazing Doc! We all knew it here in Toronto.

Seriously, isn't Doc Halladay awesome? I mean, isn't he? Us folks here in Toronto have known that since the beginning of his career. He is one classy dude too. He re-signed in Toronto when he could've gone elsewhere. He loved our city and it was so amazing to have him here. I only wish we could've done better with him. He deserved a good team behind him and he didn't get it. It was a sad day for Blue Jays baseball when we traded him.

I hope-to-hell Doc gets his World Series ring. I expect he'll get the Cy Young award in the National League to go along with his American League Cy Young award that he won with the 'Jays. That alone is a rarity folks!

You're the BEST DOC!

And, yeah, you're welcome Philadelphia.
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Hugh is in New York, I think

Today is Tuesday, March 30 and I'm pretty, pretty sure Oranges started filming today in New York, which means my tall, blue-eyed fella is also there. (Okay, so he's not really *mine* but, hey, we all need our delusions.)

I have this incredible urge to pack up the car and spend the rest of this week in the Big Apple. The filming location can't be that hard to find. It's been awhile since I've been to New York too and the weather is getting nicer & nicer. It's supposed to be 20 degrees Celsius Thursday (68F), 25 Celsius Friday (77F) & 24 Celsius on Saturday (75.2F). That's summer weather! In early April. Incroyable!

My only problem: no Canadian passport. I let it expire and have yet to send it out to the Canadian government for an updated one. Once upon a time, Canadians & Americans could cross each others boarder with a driver's license as personal identification. Those days are long gone.

We'll see how it goes. I figure he's going to be there filming for at least two months. A spring road trip is always a lot of fun.

In case anyone doesn't know who I'm talking about:

Gah! So, so, so gorgeous!
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Hugh will be on The Tonight Show! Whooo-Hooo!

I am delighted that Hugh is finally making an appearance somewhere. Sure, it's Leno again. It would be nice if someone else interviewed him once in awhile, say, Craig Ferguson. I expect CBS still has that stupid boycott of NBC stars that they issued during that whole Leno Show fiasco. *sigh*

Once he's in New York filming Oranges I hope he can make it onto either The Colbert Report or The Daily Show. Hugh's such a fan of Jon Stewart (of course, so am I), so that would be a treat.

We'll see if the CBS boycott thingy holds. Hugh doesn't make it to New York very often so this would be the perfect opportunity for him to appear on Letterman, especially in support of the season finale. If he doesn't appear at all I will take that to mean that CBS are a bunch of assholes!

Oh, Hugh will appear on the tonight show on Friday, April 9. I expect that he will promote the return of House and his directorial debut, which is Monday, April 12. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My Fair Lady

With the news that Hugh Laurie is being considered for the role of Professor Higgins (so says the screen writer Emma Thompson) I thought I'd rent the movie to remind myself what it was all about. It has been a long time since I last watched it. What I remembered most about My Fair Lady was: (a) it was a favorite movie of my mother. She never missed an opportunity to watch it; (b) it has the song "On the street where you live" in it, which is a song that I loved and listened to a lot at one time; (c) Audrey Hepburn & Rex Harrison were in it. Other than that I couldn't really remember too much about it.

So I rented it, and I loved it! I really, really loved it. I'm not sure it needs to be redone it's so good. OTOH, I have so much respect for Emma that I'm sure if there is anyone who can do another adaptation well of Shaw's Pygmalion it's her.

I also think that Hugh would be fucking awesome as Professor Higgins!!! I can totally see him in the Rex Harrison role. With his sweet English accent, his background in humour, his ability to play self-centered assholes, I now simply can't imagine anyone else in that role. Although, if he can't do it I guess they'll have to find someone else. *sigh*

If fate exists at all, it'll make sure Hugh is in this.
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With one word, I fall in love with Hugh Laurie's House all over again. Of course, it usually happens every week which is why I keep watching. I thought the "HOW" moment in tonight's episode was absolutely priceless. Somehow Hugh made a simple word both heartbreaking and hilarious. I just don't know how he does it.

As far as House knew he had ruined his medical school mate's life and with the guy standing there telling him that "it could be worse", House's "HOW?" packed a lot of punch. Guilt. Desperation. Shock. Remorse. So I felt absolutely horrible when I laughed myself silly.

Heartbreakingly funny. Only Hugh can do that to me.

Damn. I love that man.
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It's 1:45 in the wee morning hours of Christmas Day. Christmas Eve day was long and at times exhausting. I took my niece to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunk movie. *groan* We were supposed to go to the afternoon showing on the 23rd, however, it was sold out. We couldn't go at night so I promised her I'd take her to the noon time showing on the 24th. She was so excited to see it. It was seriously boring and those voices started to grate on me about 15 minutes into a 96 minute movie. After the movie she turned to me and told me how much she loved it and loved the voices. *groan* I was genuinely pleased she liked it but those voices... *sigh*

I spent the afternoon putting together a Christmas eve dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes and broccoli with cheese sauce for the family. The family chowed it down rather quickly and there are almost no leftovers. We hurried off to church for the Christmas service even though we're not church goers. My dad was singing so we wanted to be there to see him perform. After church we drove around town looking at people's Christmas decorations. It has snowed enough tonight to give us a white Christmas. It was the perfect type of snow too - sticky! It stuck to trees and lights giving everything that winter wonderland look to it. It was beautiful.

We came home to dessert, cleaning up from dinner and then, yes, wrapping!

It's almost 2 a.m. and I am finally done with it all. I'm taking a few minutes to relax before going to bed. I expect today to be as busy with even more family than we had Christmas eve dinner.

I hope everyone on my flist has a fun and wonderful Christmas. No matter how exhausting this time of year can be!
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House TV Schedule

So Greg Yaitanes posted a House FAQ on his Twitter background which is pretty cool but with it is the House TV schedule for this year, which shocked me.

NO shows in December. NONE!!!
Only two in January.
Only two in February.

That means over a three month period we get exactly 4 shows. FOUR!!! Over 12 weeks we miss 8 weeks of House. Okay, two weeks you cancel for the Christmas holidays. They're not going to show House on Dec. 21 or Dec. 28 but that still leaves six Mondays where there is no House. There are more OFF Mondays than ON.

And, yeah, people will tell me I need to get a life because it's just a damn TV show but I already have a life which is why I watch this damn TV show.

Well, this seriously sucks.
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